MenAtPlay Case Closed – Cristian Sam & Dani Robles


MenAtPlay Case Closed – Cristian Sam & Dani Robles

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Argentinian gay porn model Cristian Sam and his 8.5-inch cock return to MenatPlay. Cristian’s explosion leaves Dani Robles’ suit drenched with cum; heavy dry-cleaning required.

Episode Summary:

There’s been a robbery in the building where Cristian Sam resides; he meets with an insurance inspector, Dani Robles, to discuss his whereabouts the previous evening. Initially friendly, the inspector soon implies that Cristian may have had something to do with the robbery, given his immediate access to the neighbor’s balcony. An offended Cristian refuses to give his fingerprints to the inspector, but Dani is persistent. If Cristian is not prepared to give his prints, perhaps there is something else he can give to the inspector.